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survey - who owns your plot?

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Hi plotters.  We all dig the land but who owns it?  Could the forum members help with this little survey.  Who owns the land that you have your plot on? I am just interested nothing sinister.  I expect most will say council owned (town council or parish council), but let's find out. I will start - my plot is on privately owned land.

ed dibbles:
Parish council with allotment spokeswoman acting as go-between. :happy7:

Plot 18:
Borough Council

Currently borough council.

In transition though. It is proposed that the freehold moves soon from the borough to the local parish council.
Probably won't make much difference.

Slightly different to some allotments. We are "field managed" and for most issues run our own affairs with a committee of about ten plot holders and four elected officers (a field manager, a shop manager, a secretary, and a treasurer), rather than being run directly by the council.

Tee Gee:
We are Metropolitan Council owned! Each site has a Secretary to act as a go between / Liaison between the council and the plot holders. 

Technically they have no powers as such but tell them that! A couple of the 5 Secretaries I have been involved with over the thirty odd years I have been on the plots thought they were gods after being elected.

If only they knew that they got the job because no one else wanted it!

We have a bit of a social committee (secretary & treasurer) who organise the Christmas dinner,Open day and collect rents from those who have a raised  bed/s in the communal tunnel. The money collected is saved to maintain the tunnel e.g replacing the skin when required. We also run a raffle at the Xmas dinner for the same cause!



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