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Anyone have Willow for weaving/ living structure.


I have been looking out for some to take from the wild or planted by neighbors that i could "borrow" a few cuttings but have not been able to find any near me.
Does anyone have any type of willow that they could cut and are willing to post to me?
I will be asking my father to bring me seeds from Pakistan for my own allotment, i can have him bring some extra for an exchange.
I will be asking for Mooli seeds and Red carrot seeds (these are really sweet carrots, perfect to juice). Had an OK amount of carrots from a poorly tended and watered patch this year, will make more of an effort.


Are you allowed to grow willow?  We are normally trying to get rid of it.  Thames Water has asked everyone in the street who had a willow to remove it. It goes after the water pipes.

Be very careful bringing seeds in from Pakistan as they can unwittingly bring in teeny pests and microbes that can devastate plants here with no resistance.   There are strict rules about it so contact DEFRA first.

Better to google for reliable, licensed sources for your seeds and there are plenty of Asian allotmenteers about from whom you could get more locally sourced seeds. 

As for willow, there are all sorts of people growing willow for coppicing for various purposes all over the UK but especially in wetland areas so once you've checked it's OK to plant them, have a google for UK suppliers.  Again, imported plant material is responsible for the Dutch elm disease that has wiped out millions of trees, the burrowing insects that are devastating horse-chestnuts, ash die back and now there's a new pathogen wiping out olive trees in southern Europe and working its way north.  Best to buy local or from a nursery you know has a good quarantine policy for imported plants.

We panted a willow fedge across our garden with an arch that leads to the end of the garden where my chickens, bees, polytunnel and fruit trees are. It looked lovely after the first year. Thereafter it's a pain to look after and the worse thing I've ever planted my garden. I have to trim it twice a year and each time it grows 25 foot and we end up with an 8 foot high pile of 25 foot long willow. If it wasn't for the fact we know someone with goats who come take it away for us I'd dig it all up and get rid of it completely.  It looks nice but it takes a lot of maintenance.


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