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Tee Gee:
Another few examples from the NVS show

Hi Ya, Interesting, well done Tee Gee, any more on the way? We don't have this sort of show nearby and I do like to see others. I pressed the like button how do I know its taken?

Tee Gee:
Hi Lezelle thanks for trying to like my article but sadly it didn't work.

No matter here are a few more pics:

This time is Onions & Shallots

Hi Ya, nice pics Tee Gee. You can see that different onions have different show rules. I retire next year so hope to give more time to growing some nice onions. It would be just fer me as I do enjoy growing something well. cheers

Tee Gee:

--- Quote ---I retire next year so hope to give more time to growing some nice onions.
--- End quote ---

The key to good Onions is the seed stock! As you may have seen some of the winners were of the growers " Own Strain"

I am not one for giving out tips ( I find it better to leave each to their own) but sometimes I do so here is the tip for today.

DT Brown's sponsor the Onion classes at Harrogate and I dare say the have sourced some seed from these champion growers and grown the on commercially.

They have a variety called " Exhibition" catalogue number 25801 priced around 99p for 120 seeds.

I grew them for the first time last season and was very impressed with them (see pics) and I guess if I had nursed them like the pros do, I guess they might have been at least half as big again.

These ones were basically left to grow themselves with no additional feeding or watering, this year they were not quite so big but considering the dry weather we have had this year this is not surprising.

If you do go this route let me wish you luck! and I hope you enjoy your retirement.

Speaking of which I plan to retire from " allotmenteering" at the end of this year after more than 40 years of it.

I just don't have the enthusiasm for it anymore, but I guess I will still dabble a bit in my garden at home!


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