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My partner sprayed weed killer on the only patch of ground I've got left to plant my sweet corn on He thinks by going no dig means weed kill so how long must I wait until safe to plant I've 60 odd plants needing to go in  ? last autumn he sprayed with out my knowledge one of my raspberry  beds he thought as they had no leaves it would be safe  to spray the bind weed I've loads of bind weed still     but no Raspberries   

It should tell you on the packet how long before you can plant?  :sunny:

Depends on the kind of weedkiller used - leaf contact such as glyphosate which, in theory, goes inert on contact with the soil, or total annihalation of weeds and a seed germination preventer too that stays active longer.

 Can I suggest you remove any remaining weed killer products? 

What he used was  rosella or similar sounding name  in a container requiring  dilution but the labels worn away and leaflet lost but its a systematic one kills  the roots it suppose to dissolve on contact with the soil The weed killer is only for use on the outside of the fence to stop weeds  from growing in from the no mans land which borders my allotment

Have you tried googling for info on its use?


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