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Dulcie and house painting


Dulcie doesn't mind a bit of painting, and is pleased that the plastering is finished and the dogs have gone back to the farm.  He loves the new box that his prescription cat food came in, and loves his food, which is great.  The curtains are back up and nice to get back to normal. Wish it would stop raining, we need some sun.  :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:

Dulcie seems to be going OK.  He loves his prescription food and his fish that I cook at night.  I have a few scratches on my hands, but that is OK.  He follows me everywhere he is watching me on the computer but he will steal my seat when I get up.  All in all a very happy cat. Hopefully no more trips to the vet, but I am keeping a close eye on him.

Plot 18:
He's a very handsome chappie :)

lottie lou:
May I ask what happened to his friend Gabbana?

I wish I knew.  Poor Gabbana, maybe foxes got him, never saw a body in the road, alley.  Owners put notices up, but he just disappeared. 


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