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Tablet with spirit.


So there I was sleeping and I was woken by an odd noise.  Thinking we had mice I tried to track down the source.  But no it was my tablet which had taken to make a sort of quacking noise every 6 to 10 seconds.  Tried every thing to switch it off.  Finally rebooted that did not sort.  Then switched it completely off and even then it was still quacking.  Unfortunately it has a integral battery so I cannot remove it.
Ran Malwarebytes which identified a risk which it then said I could not delete.  Very odd. 
Then after about 20 minutes the quacking stopped.  But the screen now keeps on turning on which means that it is not getting charged. 
I knew it had some kind of spirit in it, because almost every picture I have taken with is a a good one.  But now it is getting a bit big for its boots.

Interesting, Digeroo. 

I can't suggest anything for your problems but I did laugh when you said you thought you had mice and the noise was a quacking sound.  Lol.


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