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Just found a message I was waiting for went into my junk mail.  Does anyone know how and organisation prevents mail being classes as Junk,  I moved one email from them into my in box but other did not automatically follow.  It was my Egyptian visa and so it was certainly not junk, I had paid for it.  Not sure the Egyptian government want to class their official activities as junk.

Also found that mail from a friend call Duff has also gone straight in there.

Not sure what else I have been missing. 

Well there are technical measures that you can put in place to prevent your mails being classified as spam but most organisations dont bother.
You can create an SPF record which basically confirms you are permitted to send mail from the domain.  You can also contact  large email providers like yahoo and gmail and ask/tell them that you will be sending out large amounts of mail and need to be whitelisted.
Defining what is junk and what is not is hugely difficult - There are always going to be false positives and false negatives so striking a balance is hard.  I run various systems and it is an issue I deal with every day and the amount of spam/malware we get is enormous.  Most of it we delete long before it gets to the user, some gets quarantined (junk) and then we actually deliver a small percentage to the user.  Then they complain if they get one spammy email or if one gets junked.
You can whitelist addresses and domains or maybe even turn off junk mail (depending on the system) but  sorry to say, it is mostly down to the individual to monitor junkmail folders on whatever system you use. 

Big thank you Nick for the explanation. 


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