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Dulcie being naughty


Thought Dulcie was out yesterday as it was sunny.  He didn't come in for his evening meal, so wasn't too worried until loads of fireworks went off.  Wanted to have an early night as the building work has stopped temporarily. Thought I had better check on the cat at about 11pm as thought he would come in when the fireworks had stopped.  No cat.  Checked all the bedrooms, under beds etc.  Then heard a noise from under the floor boards and he had squeezed in a small hole and couldn't get out.  Got him out, but he was filthy and his white paws were yellow.  Worried me as the stuff they had injected into the walls may well be poisonous.  Well there I was shouting at the cat at midnight washing him with a wet towel, and sticking his paws in the bath.  Then I couldn't get to sleep as didn't want his washing himself.  Anyway he seems OK today, has gone out in the rain, so maybe that will clean him up.  OH has been told in no uncertain terms that he has to block any holes as I do not want that cat to disappear again.  He seemed very pleased with himself as had a good adventure, all OH said was at least he must be feeling better. Have to wait a week before replastering, what a performance, and expensive.

Plot 18:
Dulcie most be feeling much better if he is getting up to mischief  :happy7:

Dulcie has decided to watch me type, the floor has been blocked, so no more adventures, fireworks tonight, so best you stay in.

All building work stopped today, as Dulcie and OH have had enough noise.

Borlotti, your tales of Dulce make my day. So glad he is feeling better, must be OK to be such a nuisance! Lovely picture of the sleeping beauties.


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