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Dulcie roof


Think the tablets and cat food are working well, looking for Dulcie today and he actually went out on the roof.  He has stopped hiding away on the kitchen cupboards and behind the fridge/freezer, so hopefully he is getting back to his annoying self. Spot the cat on the roof.

ed dibbles:
Good to see the vet visits have paid off. He looks the picture of health.

Dulcie is with me as I am typing, in the basin in the spare bedroom.  Thought he had gone out today, but the spare bed had a big lump in it and he had tunnelled under the duvet and gone to bed. Off to the vet tomorrow for some more pills, dont have to take the cat (thank heavens), but the pills and the special vet food seems to be working. Have put an old towel in the wash basin as he does do a lot of damage scratching it to make his bed. OH moaning again about the cat.  :sunny:

Dulcie has found a new place to sleep in the garden.  He still hates his expensive cat house.  He is not behind the fridge freezer, or on the top gf the kitchen units, on under the duvet, but has found a lovely place to sleep in the back garden.  Very warm here today in sunny Enfield, better look for the cat before the foxes come out at night.


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