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The votes are in!

And the winner is Peanuts with picture 5!  I knew it was a winner when I first saw it.  Peanuts gets to choose the next topic but seriously someone else will have to step up and do this.  I just don't seem to have any time any more.

Here are the rest of the runners and riders..

Picture 1 - TeeGee with 4 Votes (19%)

Picture 2 - Barriedalenick with 3 Votes (14.3%)

Picture 3 - Nora42 with 4 Votes (19%)

Picture 4 - poppymole with 1 Vote (4.8%)

Picture 5 - Peanuts with 8 Votes (38.1%)

Picture 6 - Johnnyco15 with 1 Vote (4.8%)

I loved them all, so full of atmosphere.  And a well deserved win for Peanuts!

Are those sunflowers bottom left in your photo Barriedalenick?  Nice strong feature.  :wave:

I think they were Sunflowers but cant quite recall!

Background to my photo: a distant member of my family was marrying the daughter of a senior manager of EDF Nucléaire.  'Cos we lived in France (the other end!), we were invited to this VERY POSH  wedding which took place at the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild  (one of the top French tourist attractions) in Cap Ferrat, between Nice and Monaco.  Google it!!!
Having looked at the hotel prices (it clashed with the Monaco Grand Prix), we decided instead to stay in a chalet on a campsite 30km inland. But the Villa Ephrussi was amazing.
We have 2 similar photos – the one you have seen and one taken half a minute before, including the happy couple.

Well done Peanuts, lovely photo.


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