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Dulcies new house


Son got this for me as a late birthday present, Dulcie did have a quick look, but I thinks he prefers his cupboard box in the bathroom. Did tell him not to waste his money, as he is a carpenter/shop fitter/ projects manager, but too busy to build one for Dulcie, but did build one for his hedgehog, which only came once.  I think we may have to put it up high, as that he where he feels safe at present. All quiet tonight so he may come and look at it later.  We are going to put in up high in the lean to, when we tidy up.  He is taking his tablets but still not his usual friendly, nosy self.  Let sleeping cats lie, I say. OH moaning as it was a flat pack, but he did put it together, cats like children much prefer the cardboard box.

Dulcie had finished his prescription pills today,  now he can start the stress relief pills.  He did actually get up the stairs into his new house and had a look but decided he hated it and ran away. Quite impressed that he could climb the stairs.  Put him on the balcony of his new house, in the lean to, but he has p..ssed off.  I expect he will love it eventually, but think the cupboard box is his favourite. Trying to clear the lean to, as can put the cat litter tray there and his new lovely house which he hates, so if it rains and gets cold he can sleep there.  Don't know why he is so scared of coming in the house, maybe he knows he may have to go back to the vet. He did sit with my yesterday, but got a few loving bites, but they hurt.  Shame cats can't talk.

Borlotti, you could try taking out the blanket from his new house and replace it with the cardboard he sleeps on in the box.  Alternatively, put the new blanket in his cardboard box and then when he gets use to it and has slept on it a few times, put it back into the new house. 

I think Dulcie must be feeling better, as he went to a barbecue today at the end of our garden, and came home tonight not too hungry, and did a lot of washing, cleaning (himself, not my house).  He didn't eat his prescription food, naughty cat.  I was looking for him all day, and I have not eaten, but he seems OK.  Still will not come in the living room, but didn't want to go on top of the kitchen cabinets (which is a good sign).  Must stop worrying about that cat. He still hates his new cat house, but if we put it in the garden with plastic over it, he may get to like it, or NOT.


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