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Dulcie, not feeling himself

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Duke Ellington:
Have you seen the film " A STREET CAT NAMED BOB"? It's a lovely film 🙂🙂🙂

I'm glad he's feeling well enough again to be 'helpful'. Having an out-of-hours service is great and reassuring and prompt treatment can make a big difference, but yes the costs are savage!

Yes I loved the film, Street Cat named Bob, and also got the book. Just off to the allotment to see if the rain has given me any beans for dinner tonight.

Borlotti, I can sometimes get a pill into one of my cats but if I have to give one on a daily basis, they know what is coming and and on subsequent days it is an almost impossible job.  Fortunately neither of them are on any pill medication at the moment apart from their worming tablets. 

I saw one of these pill dispensers on Youtube and have just ordered this one from EBay for future use. 

It is very cheap so I hope it works!  On one of the Youtube videos that I watched, the pill was smeared with butter first and then put into the dispenser. 

I will let you know how I get on with it as you may want to buy one to help get the pills into Dulce. 

Pauline I have one of those dispensers after seeing a vet use one, I can sometimes manage it with Millie but will try with butter next time, might just help. thank you :)  She is an absolute devil if she knows she is going to be given a tablet or flea treatment!


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