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Dulcie, not feeling himself

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Dulcie got his photo in my knitting magazine again, and I gave it to the emergency vet tonight.  He did a wee(not the vet) in the living room, which is most unusual, been clean for 8 years but in a way good he is not blocked again, rather not on the carpet.  He has been sleeping in the bath, wash basin on the fridge/freezer.  Rang the vet and said he may have a temperature so is trying to get cool.  Got an appointment for tomorrow, but after OH seeing me crying in the garden, said get the emergency vet at Barnet. So he got the car out, no fish and chips tonight, in fact no dinner. Apparently Dulcie is not blocked as did a poo and wee in the car (don't suppose you want to know that) and is temperature was OK, so he is back home.  Only cost me 240. but at least I will sleep easy tonight.  NO MORE ANIMALS. He may have an infection, so is on tablets for 2 weeks and can only have the vets food.

Been there and done that one x 3 with the cats so I feel for you....never good to take our animals for their check up at the local
Dr Feelgood clinic........oh hang on ill add a few more.........yer that's more like it the till swallows your arm.........GazNjude are officially soft as sh*******t when it comes to animals as our recent events with George the Guest Guinea Fowl in anything to go by.......not even ours and I paid the RSPCA
for a cage to capture him in and fuel to take him to a pet hes gone and the bak step now sees a poorly magpie ive already called Maggy.....its not great with feathers ruffled but ive been feeding what happens next with this bad weather
..I hope it goes in the green house and sits on the paper ive put in there with some seed.............see reading that for 60 seconds took your mind off your poorly pet.

hope all goes


Oh dear!  I hope he is all right soon. 

It seems to cost an arm and a leg when taking an animal to a vets.  Mine charged me 165 last month when my cat William had a bad urinary infection.  He is better now though except that both cats now have fleas.  Fortunately, I was able to buy some Frontline from the internet and didn't have to pay vet prices for it!

The vet told me that William would benefit from taking Yurelieve supplements on a regular basis as this is the second time he has had a urine infection in 2 years.  Those from the vet cost me 23.22 for 30 but I got them online for less than 10.  They contain green lipped mussel and William loves the taste.  I have to empty the capsule onto a little of his food but he then woofs it down.

Have just ordered his Hills urinary stress food from Pets at home.  Now the fun of getting 2 pills a day down him. Vet gave him an injection last night, so think it is an urinary infection and not another blockage (thank heavens).  He has always been such a good clean cat and no trouble, but they can't tell you what is wrong, but I know as he just wants to be left alone and hide behind the fridge/freezer.  It is good that you can see an emergency vet at night as I hate to see animals suffer, but it is so expensive.

Dulcie on the fridge/freezer (not well) but did come and help with my knitting tonight, and took his pills. Result.


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