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Can anyone advise about how I can set up an e-mail address for the allotments along the lines "Secretary*********allotments@????????"

Hope this makes sense because what I want is a generic type e-mail address other than my personal one AND one that can be used by  the next mug secretary who takes over after me?

Tee Gee:
Do you have a website?

If you have you just go into your host's website and usually you can set up an e- mail account of your choice which will be connected to your personal e-mail account.

Meaning that anyone sending mail to 'The Secretary' will land up in your personal account along with those using your private address

No we don't have a website.

Tee Gee:
There are lots of ways to open an account.

Do a google search with something like ;

"How to open an email account in UK"

This will fetch up lots of suggestions for you to read through then you can choose the one that suits you.

Perhaps before you actually open one you could put details of the one you fancy for  A4A members to look at and they might be able to give you feedback of their experiences.

Thanks teegee, I have set up a gmail account and it appears that I can import the contacts list.
More questions on how to do that part may be coming!


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