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Goosberry bushes



 I've just taken over an old allotment. There are 3 gooseberry bushes I'm not wanting. Free to a good home, or, even better, if you have jostaberry, or raspberry plants in return that would be wonderful.

I know it's not the right time of year, but I'm clearing out what I don't want.


Taking over an old plot can be a lot of work. (I've got the t shirt). So I suspect you have a lot to do and that means setting priorities. It is getting close to mid May but there is still plenty of time to sow and plant a wide variety of crops if you can get the ground ready.

If you need the space then get the bushes out early, but it sounds as if the bushes are still healthy, so would it be worth a slight delay before digging them out? You might get a bountiful harvest for little work, and could then shift the bushes and tidy the area later in the season.   Mature bushes are not always easy to move and any recipient might prefer to try moving them when dormant.

Hope your allotment experience goes well. It's a totally rewarding and absorbing hobby.


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