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If your camera is sufficiently sophisticated, think about depth of field.

A photo taken at a very small aperture produces a picture where both the main subject matter will be in focus but so will the background. This may not be such a good thing if the background is not very attractive such as a wire fence, a wall or even the weeds on the next plot.  At an aperture like f2.8 or f4 the background will tend to blur out a little. This takes attention away  from the background and onto the main subject. Depending on the ambient light levels this could mean tending towards a very high shutter speed and wide aperture.

But if your camera is digital, and you are unsure compensate by taking loads and loads, then just discard until you are left with a total gem.

Attention to framing and bearing in mind the rule of thirds can help a photo along!  It is a bit of an old cliche but the rule of thirds can work really well in nature pictures.
Also time of day - evening and morning with the sun at a low angle produces a much different result from midday (or midnight!) - other wise know as the Golden Hour.

Thank you all for you great responses. I'm borrowing my friends DSLR and going to play around with the aperture and the framing. :)


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