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My Dad is a keen gardener which is where I got my green thumb from and, for Fathers Day I was thinking of taking a photo of his beautiful red hybrid tea rose and getting it printed in a Framed Print .

As I want this to look like some nice art on his wall I was hoping some of you on here might like to take artistic pictures of their plants and have some tips for me.

Photograph a single bloom or cluster of blooms rather than the whole shrub.  Do it early in the day while the blooms are still fresh and be careful about what else is in focus that may spoil the shot.   Have a look here for more tips - and here -

Early morning wih rain drops.  If not rain create a little.

id take a load different times after rain morning  evening all sorts then pick the one you like

Tee Gee:
 I have put some rose pictures here:

If there are any here you would like a copy of I will look in my files for the original and send it on to you.

Given a choice what size of image will you want ?


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