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Rhubarb gin ... a spring alternative to sloe gin

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Hi everyone,

If, like me, you're suffering from a glut of rhubarb, then you might like to try this recipe as there isn't very much going on in the drinks-making department normally this time of year.  Well I say recipe, but it's basically making sloe gin and replacing the sloes with rhubarb stem chopped up.  The rhubarb does an admirable job of adding the same tartness and fruitiness that sloes do - and just like the sloe gin, this needs quite a bit of sugar to take the edge off!

If you choose the reddest stems you have, or use a very red variety then the drink will end up a beautiful shade of pink.

I tend to fill a jar with rhubarb and top up with gin, infuse for 2-3 weeks and then strain, only adding sugar at the end to taste so as to avoid accidentally making it sweeter than we like.  Give it a go.

In our Belgian garden we had a dozen very mature and prolific rhubarb plants.  Could have done with this idea last year!!

I've recently bought 3 babies to plant here and potted them up to grow abit more before planting out in their new home.  It'll be a while before we get a glut but I shall keep this idea in mind - a change from the usual rhubarb chutney I do with gluts.  Thanks.  I've also seen a rhubarb syrup being sold for making soft drinks and pouring on ice cream but have yet to try making it myself.   

I've been making Rhubarb Vodka for years and gave gin a go last year.  It seemed to lack the flavour that the vodka has but it may have been late season rhubarb so I will give it another go this year.  Damson gin is great but blackcurrant vodka is my all time favourite.

I have some damson gin on the go from our last crop in Belgium as well as blackcurrant vodkas and gin and brandy - way to use up the glut given we have jams and jellies in abundance and couldn't bring frozen food.   Now I need to build up a collection of suitable bottles so it's all still "maturing" in big jars.

My rhubarb vodka. It's nice and tart as I didn't add too much sugar (thanks squeezyjohn)

Just started on some raspberry vodka with the raspberries from my garden. For some reason, they just fall apart when I pick them, previous years they've been fine. The ones on the allotment pick nicely so they are for eating  :tongue3:


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