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So sorry - I have been completely overwhelmed by life at the moment and this totally slipped my mind.

Anyway here are the results..

The winner with a great pic was Duke Ellington with Pic number 6.  Duke gets to decide a theme for next time and we should do one soon. Note that anyone can start a comp!!

Runner up was Peanuts with pic number 4
All the runners and riders are below.

Picture 1 - BarriedaleNick - 8 votes (21.1%)

Picture 2 - Daveyboi - 2 votes (5.3%)

Picture 3 - TeeGee - 2 votes (5.3%)

Picture 4 - Peanuts - 10 Votes (26.3%)

Picture 5 - Paulines7 - 5 Votes (13.2%)

Picture 6 - Duke Ellington - 11 Votes (28.9%)

Tee Gee:
Well done its composition and hint of colour.

Congrats to the winner.  I loved the forms and textures and contrasts.

Congrats and thanks to everyone else too.  Cracking photos.

Well deserved winner, but all the photos were very good standard.

Congratulations, a really lovely picture  :happy7:

ps thanks Nick for all your hard work with the competitions  :wave: :coffee2: cake


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