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Seren unwell

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Seren didn't eat all her breakfast yesterday and was really subdued. I made an appointment with the vet in the afternoon. She had a high temperature but the vet couldn't give a clear diagnosis although several possibilities. She was given an antibiotics and an anti inflammatory injection and i brought her home, with an appointment to return this morning. Ive been sponging her paws ears and tummy with water to help reduce her temperature and she does seem cooler. She managed to eat a small dinner yesterday but she won't look at food this morning, she has had a drink though.

I think she's feeling worse than yesterday as she stayed on her bed when I came downstairs and barely a quiver of her tail. Poor poppet, she looks at me as if I should be able to help her discomfort and I can't. Don't know what to say really, she's miserable and so am I.

Hope the vet can find what is wrong and she gets better fast.   :wave:

Thank you.

I'm just back from the vets, her temperature is still high and as she is not responding to the injections she had yesterday or showing any other obvious symptoms they have kept her in to do tests. I can't believe what a wrench it was leaving her there.

Best place at the vets. I got myself in state about Dulce having to stay in animal hospital. Hope you have good news soon. Know how upset one gets as animals are so trusting,but vets are very good.

So sorry it must be so worrying for you. I hope that you get good news soon x


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