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Brighstone beans

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Morning all - I was wondering if anyone had a few seeds that they wouldn't mind swapping/sharing?

My Dad was an Islander, from Bonchurch, and I'd like to try growing something with such a lovely history. I'd be sharing any beans with a friend too, who's a really keen seed saver.

Thank you.  :sunny:

markfield rover:
 I do have some only 6 I am afraid but you are more than welcome to them .

I've some older seeds which you are welcome to, though I can't vouch for germination rates, might give a few more plants to complement Markfield rover's.

That is wonderful - thank you both. What can I offer in exchange? I have lots of achocha, squashes, tomatoes and beans - though the really interesting beans mostly came from here!

markfield rover:
Great, if you pm your details I'll do the honours. Now I do not need any seed ....... But ...... If you have a spare seed of a squash you concider to be right tasty that would be interesting as I am on a bit of a learning curve with these , talking of which at a swap I did get some Oregon Homestead and(HSL) Maltese Marrow if you don't have these I could pop a couple in too.


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