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Plot 18:
After 3 years Molly cat is at last used to me, and will sit on my lap, but if I have visitors or there's a strange noise outside she can be found hiding under my bed :D
She doesn't like feet at all and gives them a wide berth! it really makes me wonder what happened/ frightened her in the past. It took a year before I could stroke her and I'm still not allowed to pick her up - but we are slowly getting there.
She was found with 4 kittens living under a garden shed, and taken to a rescue centre - when I went there, she chose me, by head-butting my hand. I was told that she had been too frightened to come out of her box before I stood there quietly talking to her - they didn't think she could be rehomed. So we were both lucky that day!

Molly has found her " person" ;) Pleased for you both.


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