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Helping in the tunnel :)

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We rescued a cat that had been dumped and had severely damaged leg/ caught in some eejits trap.

Its taken months to gain his trust but he is now my garden buddy.

Ooops no photo before....his leg is now healed after him having to live in a small crate for a month/ restricted movement to see if they could avoid amputation. This  box it 2.5 feet long....big cat!!!!!!

Rescue animals are the best. Glad it worked out for your 🐈

He looks very cosy.  Both our dogs and our kittens are rescues.  The difference is that Cosmos kitten has come from one good home to another after being born to a rescued cat who was pregnant when adopted so he behaves very differently from the other 3 who have all had trauma.  He's fearless as he doesn't know about danger whereas Minstrel kitten is brave because she assesses things and then jumps.  The dogs are just barking.

They all help in the garden.

Lovely to see!

My adopted stray cat would send polite nose sniffs but he hates other cats... ;)


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