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What is wrong with Dulcie

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Dulcie eats too much usually, but has spent  3 days on the dishwasher in the old cupboard.  He tried to get in the cat flap backwards, seems to know me. OH half says he is OK, I think he has a fit or a stroke, as doesn't follow me about and just wants to sleep in the cupboard.  Very worried about him. Will ring the vet tomorrow if he is not better, but he knows me, not too sure about his sight. OH says I am Miss Panic Button, but I know my cat. 

Hope Dulcie is ok and you get good news

Best get him checked by the vet, if only to set your mind at ease.  He may have had an incident, as you think, or he may have had a close shave with a vehicle or some other thing that has hurt him..

Hope this is only temporary and he will be back to his old cheeky self soon.

I agree, taking him to see the vet is the best idea, it does sound like he's not feeling right. Hopefully it's nothing too serious and he'll be back on his feet soon!


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