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Purple Podded Pea seeds please.

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Plot 18:
Thank you, I tried to pm but your inbox is full  :wave:

Sorted  :angel11:

Plot 18:
The seeds arrived today and more than I expected - thank you very much  :icon_cheers: you're a star!

Brilliant, you're welcome  :wave:

Plot 18:
The peas were put to chit on the 26th April and they started to show roots by the 30th :)

I've been putting them in small gutter lengths as they come through, the remaining few are now looking manky.
Results were good - all but 5 Carruther's and 8 Beltony Blues chitted, even though the seed was older of BB  :toothy10:

Hopefully most of them will now grow on and I can build up seed stock (as well as having some to eat as well - goes without saying!)
Thanks again Jayb

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