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Purple Podded Pea seeds please.

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I wonder if anyone has a few seeds from any of the old tall, purple podded peas eg Carruthers, Beltony Blue, they can spare. (I already have some Robinson's Purple Podded)

I have self-saved Alderman and Super Sugarsnap (originally from the USA) to swap or quite a few varieties of squash, if you'd prefer.

If you are still looking for some tall purple podded peas I should have some to share. They may not be the freshest seed though. Are you just looking for shelling peas or snaps too?

Plot 18:
Just shelling peas - lovely thank you  :blob7:

I'll have a little shuffle through this afternoon and see what's there.

Sorry I got side tracked!
I've both Carruther's Purple Podded and Clarke's Beltony Blue (although this is a few years old) you mention. Also Blauschokker and Stephen's. Let me know which you fancy and pm me your address.


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