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Registration problems?

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Ah .. more info ... apparently the CAPCHA letters aren't even showing on either Chrome and Internet Explorer.  I suspect no-one who wants to can register in that case.

Yes I have tried three browsers with the same result as you.  I dont have that level of control over the site being a mere mod but you are correct it is broken.  I'll PM Dan the owner and admin.

Odd though as there were 7 spammers who managed to sign up today (they all got deleted)

Cheers for bringing this up...


She still can't join the forum, the problem is the same one.  I'm assuming that means that no-one else can join either.

Anyway - she was asking if I could see if there was any progerss with this.  Any news would be gratefully received.

I have tried raising Dan the admin but no luck so I have messaged all the other mods.  However none of us have admin rights over the site - maybe someone knows his mobile..

Admin aka Dan:

It should be OK now, Google has changed the reCaptch API  :BangHead:, hopefully all sorted.

Sorry for the delay, turns out that looking after a three month old leaves very little time for anything else!



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