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Not a coffee drinker but I read somewhere its all down to the water and temperature... Fresh and 92'c   Krups Pod machines are ok but go for single pod coffee and do your own milk in the microwave first, why don't I drink coffee ? , levels of pesticide !   

We grind the beans fresh each time and use a Lavazza coffee maker (at least 20 yrs old by now)  which sits on the hob and forces the hot water through the ground coffee. Only the genuine article seems to work, the cheapies from supermarkets not the same. Took a bit of experiment over the years to find the beans we liked.

I still prefer a straightforward cafetiere. My husband uses one of these machines that forces air and water through the coffee and allows him to froth up the milk.  I can't be bothered with all that though and as I drink decaf, we make our own!

We drink our coffee black so no need for a milk blaster.

We also buy organic Fair Trade coffee and keep opened packets in a sealed tin in a cool place but not the freezer as it doesn't stick around long enough to need freezing.

Speaking as a total coffee geek!

Percolators are not good for making coffee.  They overheat the water and make coffee have a poorer  and bitter taste.

Filter coffee can be good, aero press is very good, french press if ok if used properly.  The bean to cup automatics are ok but very expensive and can be troublesome.  The stovetop espresso machines are ok ut there are better ways to make good coffee.

Pod machines are ok but it depends on the quality of the coffee ... oh and they are terribly expensive over time as the pods cost a packet.

The best machines are semi automatic espresso machines..Gaggia at the lower end to lads of brands at top top end.  Done properly with a good grinder these machines take home coffee to a whole new level.

Whatever you use really fresh roast coffee ( or do it yourself)and don't overheat the water you use to make it.


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