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Allotment rents - how much do you pay?

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I have just had an email from the C.E.O of our trust within is the statement below:-

"You will probably be aware that the Trust makes an annual loss of several thousand pounds on the allotments (rent income less costs of works carried out on the allotments) even without including any staff time/overhead costs."

Our site are all run by volunteer secretaries and as far as I know the trust doesn't do much, I am the Chair on the verge of quitting but then who would take my place - someone who will not question rent increases
is it right that the expect to make a profit from the plot holders?
I need to find out on what basis  they are valuing the land  - if it is on current land rents in London Nw11 then we are done for.

I do know the Trust waste a lot of money - they paid 900 to have a plot cleared - brambles cut down to ground level but not removed. hedge cutting on massively tall hedges must be expensive and then there are the beloved Oak trees every time we get a summer storm and boughs blow off the removal , making safe is charged to the Allotment account it wipes out the monies collected in one storm.

We don't have a waiting list as these Allotments are only available for members of the suburb and we have a few empty plots

Most of the allotments were we live are land locked and therefore could not really be used for anything else most(Except one) are the size of two  or three tennis courts and most of the plots are no bigger at full size than 125 m2. I  currently pay 42.50 but the trust want to put the rent up by 10% every year.
there are no sheds, no shop, no security, water on most sites is billed separately.

Don't get me wrong its idyllic but I just wanted to ask what rents do you all pay for a plot?

I 'm attaching a pic   of the site my plots is on this has always been an allotment and was in the Suburb plans from the start - Allotments were there to "keep the men out of the pubs but out from under the feet of their wives whist giving them the benefit of male company and fresh air."


Deb P:
Unwashed did an annual A4A rent review a couple of years back, so looking at that might be useful.

Our rents doubled last year [voted for by plotholders, we are a private site] as they were very low, and we were relying a lot on income generated by plant sales and open days. We now pay 54 per full plot, most are full plots tennis court size. That includes water and we have a proper toilet block. Our nearby council run allotment neighbours pay a bit more than this I believe.

ed dibbles:
Our small site, around twenty  plots, is located in a small west dorset village eight miles from home. There has never been a waiting list, although a number of tenants pay their rent they are never seen on site for the whole year meaning some plots are terribly overgrown. (The council has an "allotment agreement" but seems singularly unwilling to implement it.)

Sheds, butts, compost bins etc. are allowed with water available from a water harvester, a large buried water tank with galvanized sheeting to channel runoff to the tank. This tends to run dry in early august just when watering is most needed. :happy7:

Being a low crime area security is no issue. There is no allotment shop but there is a self appointed "representative" who liaises with the parish council secretary.

Plots are around twenty feet wide and perhaps six times that long, perhaps two hundred square yards/metres each. The site is raised about eight feet above a road and slopes gently up so although the soil is clay, heavy clay, toward the top of the plots, it never floods in winter.

I have two full plots and pay ten pounds annually for each one, it is five pounds for a half plot. There is a twenty five pounds deposit. The rent hasn't changed in the seventeen years we have been there. It represents remarkably good value particularly as it is quiet with lovely countryside around. :sunny:

Just paid 100.50 for mine.  Plot concession rate 79.00 plus 21.50 water charge.  That is Enfield Council.

Hi Nora , Most councils will publish allotment rents on their web site,

This is Redditch council , Worcestershire  Probably more complicated than it should be
Prices per year from April 2016
with water           without water
Small plots (up to 177 sq.m)      
Standard   37.00   28.80
Concession 24.00   13.40
Medium Plots (from 178sqm to 253 sq.m)      
Standard    58.00   44.30
Concession 36.00   22.70
Large plots (254 sq.m and up)      
Standard   80.00   64.90
Concession 50.00   31.00


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