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Ornamental seed saving circle 2016

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Adding: white and blue Borage.

markfield rover:
A little of what  I have lies bleeding..asters...carnations...larkspur mix and giant blue..scabious .....dahlias... I could go on.....

Great! It sounds like between us we can rustle up something. Is there a standard set of rules for sharing used by the edibles that we could abide by, maybe three varieties in! Or something like take out the number you put in or something simular?

Let's aim to have a list in a months time
Maybe we should start simple with easy to grows/ germinate

 I was thinking deep pink poppy,
Yellow tall antiryhinum and helichysums in colour mixes and whatever else is a good doer, maybe a couple of euphorbias.and skyline super tall sunflowers.
X sun loving

Are you going for a Circle sharing or a Pass the parcel type swap?

Circles - everyone gets an equal share of seeds. Each person puts in enough pre bagged and labeled seed for everyone in the group (plus an extra in case of a missing parcel). A bit more time consuming pre bagging lots of packets, plus seeds need to be sent to a central point before being shared. 2 postage costs, there and back, but the parcels are smaller than one large one being sent around. Everyone gets their parcel at the same time.

Pass the Parcel - normally one person has enough seeds to start a parcel and it is passed around the group in turn, each person taking and giving seeds. Different selection available as it travels around, not everyone may have the chance of getting something they wanted. It's quicker to put in a large bag of seeds rather than divide them up. People only take the seeds they are interested in rather than the full selection shared. The parcel is larger, but only one postage cost. People wait to get the parcel as it travels around, if it does go missing in the post, no back up.

markfield rover:
My penny worth is -circle- and  I don't mind being the hub but others may fancy a go...
I think a catch-up in a month is a good idea . I did grow Californian poppies last year and was pleasantly surprised by their vase life and crossing over to edibles second year carrots that flower last well too.


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