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Ornamental seed saving circle 2016

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Hello all, since many of us grow flowers, gourds and other ornamental things it might be fun to have a seed saving circle just for non edible things.     

I'd say we aim to swap in November to give us a chance to save extra seed this year.
Things I select for and find really hard to get from cheap seed mixes are
Single colours
Vase life
Good dried flowers
Tall, short super hardy growers.

I think there are three of us ATM so speak up if you fancy it. Grow enough seed to share and swap for other folks seed in nov?

X sun loving

Taking part and ideas for saving so far are;

Sunloving, deep pink poppy, Yellow tall antiryhinum and helichysums in colour mixes, euphorbias, skyline super tall sunflowers, green nicotiana langsdorfii, achillea cerise queen
Jayb, Blue Bells, Cowslips, Bishop's Children dahlia
Markfield rover, Love lies bleeding, asters, carnations, larkspur mix and giant blue, scabious, dahlias, poss Californian poppies and carrots. Scabious, black millet,
Hector, wallflowers, hellebores, nasturtiums, white and blue Borage
Deb P, calendula species such as 'Indian Prince' and 'touch of red', agastache various, pom pom dahlias, angelica
Robert_Brenchley, checking his seed stash.
Ed dibbles, Californian annuals and other ornamental plants.
Silverleaf, nasturtiums, aquilegia, calendula
Debs, ox eye daisies, ragged Robin, Jacobs ladder, Malva (white), verbascum

Wants list
Sunloving, astrantia

Edit to add names and varieties.

Me please, though I've not got a plan at the moment  :angel11:

markfield rover:
Yes please, I grow most of my flowers on the plot and I do see them as having to earn their place .

I grow named wallflowers, hellebores, nothing especially exciting  ???

Deb P:
I'd like to contribute, I grow calendula species such as 'Indian Prince' and 'touch of red', agastache various sorts, pom pom dahlias, angelica if you want height!


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