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As we move into Spring is anyone interested in another Photo Competition?

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Spring sound a good idea.  It would include the weather.  But I think Peanuts should claim the 'prize' and choose a topic.  I love clouds too.

id give it a try will only be with my smart phone don't posses a camera indeed peanuts should pick the catergory

By all accounts, smartphones take very good photos, so don't be put off if you only have  that and no camera. 

Ok, how about an open theme, with the only requirement that there must be cloud, small or large, in the photo somewhere?

For the competition a smart phone picture is definitely good enough quality !

Clouds somewhere sounds a very interesting theme and I can imagine there will be as usual a good selection making it a headache in choosing a winner to vote for ahead.  :BangHead:  :toothy10: :toothy10:

However I will wait for the debate over the subject to be discussed further before starting the competition.


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