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Rootrainer substitute?

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The smaller "25mm x 16mm" and "38mm x 25mm" versions I'm most interested in can be found on Google by typing "mini trunking" plus the size as left.

Typing "Mita MT5 3m 38 x 38mm Mini Trunking" will find the bigger version - that's much harder to find.

That garden-roots site is a good find... Buying the flimsy books at 3.99 for 32 cells (16 for 128) is nothing like as bad as paying another 18 for the 4 flimsy propagators that come in the kit.  :protest:

Even I might be tempted - except I can't overcome my abhorrence for any device that is made with a material so inadequate to the task that it is already landfill - it just doesn't know it yet  :BangHead:.

I've said it before and I have to repeat myself - I would grudgingly pay 50% more if they made them in 1mm propylene. I would buy them today if the price only went up by how much more it would cost them (1%?) - and their profits would probably double.

Hell, I might even buy them today if they cost the same but were made from the plastic they use for sausage trays - not the mushroom-tray rubbish that matches what they use now.


Amen to that!

Hiya, thanks for the effort. I would like 22cm deep to match what I have already. I have found the sites selling them but they are all 8 and 12cm. I have the trays and only want the books as the trays match the size of the books. I must admit they have gone a bt expensive so alternatives are on the list. I like them but maybe it's time to move on. Cheers all

That trunking stuff looks like a good idea - I'd be interested to see if the roots go down as nicely as they do in rootrainers without the ribs in the sides of the modules.  I've tried something similar with cardboard tubes in the past and the roots didn't develop as well.

The only down side to this type of arrangement (including real rootrainers) is how dreadfully fiddly they are to fill with compost without loads of air pockets.  I find I can only do it successfully if using a very fine compost that is very dry otherwise it clumps and causes problems.

i've had my root-trainers for years, and a long while ago the hinges broke at the bottom, but it doesn't seem to make any difference to the ease of using them. In fact, they are easier to put away after I've used them, packed flat, and  next time I want to use them I just slot them together again in the cradle. 
I often  use only some of them.  It is just necessary to fill the cradle first with all of them, then put compost in the ones you want to use, leaving the others empty, to give stability.


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