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What do people use for storing their seeds from year to year? I'm still using an old biscuit tin, but it's a PITA to find exactly what you want, and I'd like something a bit more organised - with dividers so that I can put seeds of one type (eg all the cabbages) in one compartment.

I'm thinking that one or two members here - TeeGee, I'm looking at you! - have something rather like this:, what do other people use?

All idea welcomed!



its 2 shortbread tins and a posh tuck box thingy my daughter bought me last christmas i do however rotate seeds from tuck box to tin number1 then tin number2 after tin 2 its the bin open or not

Tee Gee:
Sorry Gray this is how I do it;

Beans and peas in the back one and seed packets and film containers placed in the front one each in sowing order.

The simplest way I find for sorting them  is by using a MS Data base.

I enter the genus in the first column of the chart (see below) initially in any order then I fill in the other data in the relative columns then when I have done this I filter the sowing date column from earliest to latest sowing dates'

Next I print off a copy which I put on a clip board that I hang up in my greenhouse,sometimes I put copy in my storage tin in case I need to refer to it when I am not near my greenhouse.

Next I lay my seeds out in alphabetical order to make the varieties easier to find as I place them in the filtered list.

So as you see my way is cheap but effective!


--- Quote from: Tee Gee on January 30, 2016, 16:32:31 ---Sorry Gray this is how I do it;

--- End quote ---

Oh, I'm all disappointed now!


ed dibbles:
As I have rather a lot of seed I use three shoe boxes. One for vegetables, one for flowers to be raised in heat and one for direct sown flowers. They can be further divided using plastic sandwich type containers from the pound shop.

For example the veg shoe box is separated for brassicas, toms and peppers, roots and leaf, cucurbits etc. Home saved peas and beans are stored separately in large paper bags. This way I stand a good chance of finding any particular packet. At the end of the season the boxes normally have to be resorted since it is not unknown over the season for packets to find their way replaced wrongly. :happy7:


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