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Tee Gee:
hi guys

Sorry to tell you this will be the last jigsaw for the foreseeable future.

The problem is some gremlins have got a hold of my PC since I moved on to windows 10

What ever it is has taken out my keyboard and iPad.

I spent 45 minutes with apple tech department they could not the problem so i had to do a fifty mile round trip and they fixed it in under five minutes,got back home and connected it to my PC to restore it in I Tunes and pooffff it broke down again with the same symptoms :BangHead:

Add to that my keyboard has broken down so I cant type on it.
I am using an on screen keyboard on a non touch screen which means I have guide the cursor to each letter and click the mouse to get each letter. :BangHead:

i am going to my local computer supplier tomorrow to see about buying a new PC and because I get my PC's made to measure it will take around fiv days to get a new one. :drunken_smilie:

so back to the jigsaws .............for the few who like doing and may suffer from withdrawal symptoms you will find hundreds of the here:

sorry for the inconvenience.....Tg

ps it has taken me over 20 minutes to write this article add to that I have had to deal with dozens of pop up ads despite having my adblocker set to maximum cover. :BangHead:

BTW I tried that PC cleaner"Turbo your PC"that is being advertised and it is not cheap at 15 pounds a month so I have cancelled it(Hopefully).
Coincidently since I downloaded it I have been bombarded with pop ads...............have they cleaned out my adblocker????

plus my antivirus has been quite busy of late so a clean start with a new PC wont come soon enough as I have it in my mind that windows 10 is in conflict with other software so it will be good riddance to the past :wave:

Thats taken me another 10 minutes or so to qrite so I am ready for a :coffee2:                   

Those PC cleaners are a waste of time and some are quite dodgy Tee Gee.

Start off cleaning up by using Malwarebytes
download from here  Note use the green download link
Do not opt in for the free trial of the paid version it is not necessary and do a full system scan.

This should resolve your issues I am sure if not let me know and I can suggest further software to use.
This program is the first response when our company IT contractor has to do a clean up.

After cleaning up try this trick for keyboard issue

Can you please try going to Device Manager (type DEVMGMT.MSC in the Run command box and press Enter), and uninstalling any keyboard driver under the Keyboard tree in the right pane?

 After removing, restart the PC and let Windows 10 install the keyboard drivers on its own.

 Most of the times this small trick works

Sounds like good advice to keep handy Daveyboi.  I too have had major problems with Windows 10 but, touch wood, all is calm for the moment.

Tee Gee - thanks for all the jigsaws.  I hope you get a new PC sorted out to your satisfaction.   You must be so frustrated.

I am sorry to hear about the problems you are having with your PC, Tee Gee, and hope you get something sorted soon. I also had problems with Windows 10 when I first changed over, several months ago, but I am getting used to it now.

Thank you for posting the jigsaws.  It was a good opportunity to not only solve the puzzles but to see the pictures of all the botanical gardens that you have visited. 

I joined Jigidi a few months ago and have made quite a few of my own photos into jigsaws. I find it good fun though I probably spend more time than I should.  At least they make the horrid winter pass quickly.

I look forward to seeing you back on here soon.


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