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Has anyone else had printed Snapfish calendars for 2016? Are they correct? Have you looked carefully?
We have about ten individual ones done every year to give to friends and relations.  They are always beautifully done, no complaints. Except this year.  My husband was in the loo this morning, looking  at the calendar hanging in front of him, when he noticed that New Year's day was on 2/1/16.  Strange. Then looked through at other dates, and all the national dates were in the place.  Plus all our saved birthday dates, marked with individual photos, were on the wrong date.  Grrrrrrrrr!
How can that happen? Going back onto the site to look at my past orders, all the dates are in the correct place.  Some big glitch somewhere.
Am currently awaiting Snapfish's response - watch this space!

What a great idea for a present, Peanuts, but not if Snapfish manage to mess it up  :BangHead: and mangle all the dates. 

Hope there will be a swift positive response and reprint fast, but I somehow doubt it will include postage to get it to everybody.  How annoying!

I had never heard of the company, before we got a Snapfish album in our stocking from daughter.  She chose really nice pictures of an outing we all enjoyed together and put them together in a super little album.  Really nice.   :wave:

sounds like they messed up with it being a leap year in the program somewhere

Possibly Leap Year is the cause, but Leap Years aren't new, and they've been doing calendars for quite a while now.  The dates are up the creek from January anyway.  It can't be just mine.  Are we the first to notice? In reality, we don't often look at the dates, more at the photos, so until a particular date is looked at, it isn't obvious.  Might be an expensive mistake for Snapfish!

No response so far, but one is promised by today. And no way will we accept having to post individual calendars to people at our cost!

Snappish, and many other outfits, do beautiful range of gifts. Usually reliably!

Just to update, Snapfish reprinted all my nine calendars, and sent them individually to the recipients for me!  Then never did explain the glitch though.


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