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The Christmas Jigsaw


Tee Gee:
Hope you have all got up to well filled stockings and are ready to eat all those sprouts etc that you have cared for al season.

The content of this  jigsaw speaks for itself and has only 80 pieces as I don't want to over tax your minds on a day such as today.....Tg

Thank you Tee Gee a bit of relaxation is good today Many Thanks for all the puzzles you have posted.

Finally got time to do this today! Hope you've had a good Christmas, TeeGee!

I tried to do your Christmas puzzle on my small laptop whilst away from home, but it took ages to do with such a small screen.  I had another go today as we are back home and found it a lot easier with a mouse and a large screen.  Thanks for posting.

I hope you had a good Christmas too, Tee Gee.


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