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Anyone made Sloe Gin this year?

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There's no chance of keeping it for a year! I doubt it'll last into the new year. ;)

I've made a few liqueurs before, including blackberry (not bad), lemon (great), lemon cream (amazing), strawberry (disgusting, with none of the charm of actual strawberries) and lavender (I liked it, no one else did).

Sloe port is a lovely thing - and uses the gin-soaked berries after you strain off the gin. Add them to good red wine, leave for 3-6 months, add a little sugar (100-150g) and 150-200ml brandy per bottle of wine. Leave again for another month or two then guzzle.

No sloes round us this winter...had to make do with damsons  ;)

No soles but I have made blackcurrant brandy, gin and vodka this year as well as damson gin which I find matures to a lovely, complex liqueur if left a couple of years.   We're not big spirit drinkers but we moved house at teh end of September, didn't need any more jams and chutneys and had to empty the freezers so boozes it was.

There were practically no sloes here this year ... but raspberry gin ... now there's a drink!  Plenty of rasps last year.


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