Author Topic: Anyone made Sloe Gin this year?  (Read 6556 times)


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Anyone made Sloe Gin this year?
« on: December 17, 2015, 20:41:55 »
Never made it before but I found a load of blackthorn while foraging for wild plants for my rabbits in October so I thought why not?

After getting my ID confirmed (only ever seen pics of sloes, never in real life) I picked enough to do a bottle of sloe gin and one of vodka - popped them in the freezer for a few days first before adding to the spirits, and they've been doing their thing in the cupboard ever since.

I promised myself I'd wait until Christmas to bottle it, but it's getting increasingly hard to resist because it looks so gorgeous (and the little bit I tested tasted pretty good too)! Looking forward to messing around with sugar syrup and getting the balance just how I want it, that should be fun.

The only problem is I've never actually tasted sloe gin so I don't know exactly how sweet it should be - I'll probably err on the side of caution though as I hate liqueurs that are really sticky and syrupy.

Anyone else made any this year?

I thought I'd try making "slider" as well by putting the strained berries in cider for a couple of months. Recycled sloes. ;)

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