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Tee Gee:
What with all this horrible weather I thought it was time for a bit of sunshine in the form of flowers.

I have made these jigsaws about half the size of the previous ones I have put up so as a bonus I will give you "Two for the Price of One"

This one has 36 pieces.

This one has 35 pieces.

I can't get onto the leaders board with either of the last two jigsaws.  They both take me over 2 minutes to complete.  Am I the only one?  I keep trying!    :BangHead:

Tee Gee:
There is a good reason for that Pauline.....dare I say are not fast enough.

My jigsaws are not all exclusive to A4A members as I have to make some available to 'Jigidi' members and these are a couple that are on both sites.

Here is how the leader boards stand now:

This is the puzzle with the Ferns:

Tinemai           1:17
jntleman           1:17
testing123     1:28
purpleflower27   1:29
jimbo                1:32
Mirabella1000   1:33
crackerjackgal   1:41
jam62499           1:44
Evdokia3           1:44
srmkbwendy   1:49

This is the other:

testing123   1:29
jam62499           1:37
srmkbwendy   1:39
TeresaHartley   1:41
Boandto           1:46
Skarvada           1:52
agata           1:55
syfmp           1:57
Marti0262           1:58
crackerjackgal   1:59

I looked at the leaders boards after I completed the puzzles and was amazed that some people had finished them at the speed of lightening!  I wonder whether internet speeds make a difference.  We are certainly on snail broadband here.  I would be interested to see how long it takes some of the other people on A4A to complete them.     

I have managed 2:08 for the first one.  But some of that is a matter of luck.   And since then I have been getting worse again.

Not sure how they manage to achieve 1:17.  Perhaps it is quicker with a touch screen to move the pieces about.    Perhaps you can move two at the same time.   It should not be my internet I have infinity.  Though I have not noticed much improvement since it was installed.  Got a new computer should be better but it is not and I HATE WINDOW 10.


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