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Todays Jigsaw - 14/11/2015


Tee Gee:

--- Quote ---Just an idea, (but perhaps it is completely out of order, or not possible) - could you do some jigsaws from entries to the photo competition?  There have  been so many beautiful photos, and we'd have another look at them that way. Not sure if ownership issues might get in the way, but I assume once they have been on A4A then they are sort of in the public domain anyway?
--- End quote ---

I see where you are coming from Peanuts and it is a comendable suggestion, and I see a couple of others like the idea too but 'copyright' is a very grey area is and it is one I try to avoid and tend to use only my own photos for this very reason.

OK I can try and get permission from the photographer/s and most times this is approved but it is what happens after that that can be the problem.

I have actually seen some of my photos being sold on line on a 'click' basis.

This is where the rogue who has set this up gets a few pence per click and I get nothing!

Plus the fact more often than not the rogue has not asked for my permission to display/use my photo/s.

I put most of my photos in the public domain but the photographer/s I got permission from might not,  so when he/she sees it out there in cyber space he/she could be upset by this, particularly if they see it in a situation like I have described above.

Then there is the other thing and that is the amount of extra work I have to do to prepare it for what you ask.

But for you and also for me to see what is entailed to do as you ask, I have used the latest competition pictures for today's jigsaw, and I hope the picture takers are not offended by this as I have kept it confined to A4A members only to see the result. (I hope!!!!  but if these rogues can hack Talk Talk, then they will certainly be able to hack this if they wanted to)

I did not like the idea of showing only one of the competition photos so I have collaged the three winners, I hope you like what you see....Tg

p.s I do not plan on doing this on a regular basis for all the reasons given above.

The jigsaw has 88 pieces,

I did consider doing it with around 200 pieces but the pieces would have been rather small and there is a lot of the same background colour so I opted for fewer, bigger pieces, I hope you approve!

I hope you all enjoy it

Oh, Tee Gee, thank you!!  And thank you for your thoughtful explanation, which sets it out beautifully.  Completely understand.  It was just an idea, but I thought when I said it that there were likely to be problems I'd not thought of.  Really appreciate the time you've taken to set up this once-only for us all.

That was fun and nicely made.
Tip for players do not forget you can zoom out if the puzzle appears too large for you.

Great idea TeeGee of ensuring the pics are not used elsewhere and thanks for making the effort as I know it can be time consuming.


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