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Hello Peeps.
                 I am new here after finding you all by accident during googling.
The reason for googling was that I wish to aquire some plants,namely ;Daubentons kale and Taunton deane kale.
  I am returning to growing vegetables after a long break so do not have anything to swap.
I did buy two Daubentons kale on eb** but it seems that nobody has anymore. I pulled some side shoots off after reading that they should grow in pots but,they seem to be dying.
  My aim is to have enough kale of different varieties that there is some available all year round,if that's even possible.
  I am willing to pay + p&p if required,I am in Essex.
I must log off and get to bed now and will use the search function tomorrow night to search out members with histories of growing the plants mentioned( you have been warned.

Regards Bryan.

I am sorry but I cannot help you Bryan as I don't grow kale.  I am sure someone will be along to help you soon.

I just wanted to say welcome to the A4A forum, Bryan.

Hi Welcome to A4A
My taunton dean was eaten by the deer/slugs, and the daubentons grown from seeds turned into cauliflowers.  But I do have the perennial variegated type going strong.

If you remind me again in the spring I will start off some cuttings.   I just stuck some in the ground this year and most took.  However postage is expensive these days, as they insist that anything lumpy goes as a small package.


--- Quote from: Digeroo on November 09, 2015, 11:05:09 ---But I do have the perennial variegated type going strong.

--- End quote ---
Didn't know there was a perennial kale. How does it compare to eat? Could you tell me more about it? When do you harvest? I accidentally bought a summer variety this year and we use it mainly in winter.
Thanks. Ken

There are several types of perennial kale.  Taunton Deane is green with a tinge of red.  I think daubentons is green.  There are some better experts than me around.

The variegated one is a lovely looking plant, supposed to have a good taste but I'm not a good judge: I do not like cabbages.  I must be honest I do not like greens.

It does not set seeds.  The heritage seed library managed to get some seed but I do not think it came true and I had the best tasting cauliflowers I have ever eaten.  The best I have ever grown.  So something went wrong.  I never normally grow caulis because I am such a failure at it.

Every few years you have to make a new plant but stuffing a shoot in the ground and it seems to root quite easily.  I did put some in a pot but the local hedgehog decided to dig it up so it died.   Must have been a juicy worm in there.

It is very cold proof.  Its one of the plants to fill the so called hungry gap.

If you are a kale fan I would also recommend Russian kale.  Not perennial but it self seeds well.  But very cold proof.  It runs to seed very easily but can be eaten like purple sprouting.  That does have a good flavour even I can eat it.

There is more about it on here

There is a nice picture on here


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