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--- Quote from: GrannieAnnie on October 16, 2015, 19:31:13 ---Huge! What kind is it and will you be baking skads of pumpkin pies?

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Um its' my own selection from some seeds that Slyfox-mal (I think) sent me a few years ago. Basically it's big thing is how hardy the foliage is compared to some. the plant is still going strong and there might well be a couple of smaller fruits to play with for Halloween. Not really suitable for eating (or at least not the flesh).... I will be getting the seeds back from my brother after his kids have had their fun, and assuming there's enough of them I will be roasting a few, they're enormous things too... then to see if I can 't make a better pace for them next year... bigger pile of poo for a start, and hopefully negotiate with new plot neighbour for chicken manure...

well done chris that beats my 122lb  :blob7: :blob7:


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