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Get Snapping !! Advance notice of Autumn Photo Competition


While you are picking the fruits of your labour ...

Have your camera or phone handy....

After the last photo competition it was suggested that the next one should have the subject of Harvest.

The winner of the last competition was Peanuts and I quote

Well done everybody for such beautiful and interesting entries this time.  Trying to decide which to vote for was really difficult!
 It would be even better if we had more entries - that's why I thought it might be helpful to suggest now what the theme might be for the next one, presumably early autumn (although I don't want to rush the summer by!).
Gives plenty of time to keep an eye out for interesting subjects.
So harvest - harvest-time, anything you have harvested, harvest-time in the fields for farmers, grape harvesting, harvesting fish (some on Gazza!).  Is this wide enough? Is it likely to inspire?

Note this is just a advance notice not the start of the competition

Looking through the A4A Galleries there seem to be a lot of harvest related pictures so we could get some interesting ones with this theme like this one from chriscross

Love the size 11 boot

Hope you are taking pictures of your harvest ready for the forthcoming competition


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