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2015 pumpkins

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Good luck Jayb, I have 3 AGs in the (1528 Paton) is fabulous (about 13 feet now)....I still haven't got a fruit set yet as the females are only just beginning to open....luckily plenty of males.   The 766 Geyelin is not really doing anything (largest leaf about 4") I'm leaving her in to give her the benefit of the doubt....but it looks as though my larger plant will take over the second patch if I let her :D    I have a diary going on ''  if anyone wants a look. :)

My 'Orbit' pumpkins are growing shrub/bush like and are setting themselves.. the largest fruits are now larger than a grapefruit  :D

My Hundredweight pumpkins are also producing females....but no fruit set yet.

...and I have 2 courgettes nearly ready to harvest on one plant (zucchini I think)...about 4" long.  Its my first attempt at courgettes...My 'safari' courgettes are a little slower to get going and only just starting with the male flowers.

Love your diary  :sunny:
Your 1528 Paton is looking great, my little babe is quite a bit behind in size. Good luck with pollinating  :toothy10:

its a bit so so this year nothing really special going on

Growing the self-set seed from last years biggie... but the weather hasn't been anything like as good, the three I have won't make 100 lbs unless the weather picks up a lot.... but I still have my seed strain intact, and the plants look good, I'll have the biggest on my site as my plants are still thriving they handle the bad weather better than normal AG's, currently there is a bigger one a few plots down from my but the plant is taking a pounding from the cold and doesn't look very healthy at all, the pumpkin, whilst bigger than mine (I think, just) is ripening up so I doubt it will get much bigger now.... mine are still yellow-white and growing happily.......


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