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Thanks Pescador.    Whilst pruning the hydrangea paniculatas last week I found all sorts of pitted scars on their stems where they got hammered and it's the same on all my shrubs and roses.  That hail was vicious and shredded my rhubarb too but that recovered.    Hostas not so happy and none of my salads and brassicas survived.

Fingers crossed no more such hail storms this year and I won't be leaving my plants to the mercy of OH either.

First one had emerged this morning! They must be in a hurry!!

That is fast.  You must be feeling chuffed.

8 up this morning!!!!

1 week from sowing and 18 out of 24 now emerged. Silver foil reflector now in place to maximise sunlight and keep them straight.
I'm like a dog with 2 tails!!


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