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Checked my records from last year, they show I sowed the first Padron peppers on March 6. As they gave a good crop, Ive sown again, on 8th, in a heated propagator.
These will be grown-on on a south-facing windowsill and planted out late May, when conditions allow.
Should mean that the  "Spanish Roulette" season will open in early August.

I had 2 bushes last year, which was far, far too few! I have 6 at the true leaf stage now and another set are going in the propagator when there's room. They are just too tasty!

Did you find the roulette was 'which one isn't hot?' One of them had my OH unable to speak for a few minutes. It was brilliant! ;)

Can't deny they are a scrummy chilli that I tend to stuff with cheese or mince meat at the green stage .....chicken.....I hear you call.....not really just Jude and myself are not hot chilli luvvers
I'll let one or two turn and use them as pizza toppings....or mixed in salads.....with a cold pint on hand in case I get a mouth burner.

They are proper tasty though,wish you well with your growing of them,I'm way behind
But will hopefully let the warm spring days help ours to thrive.


I shall be sowing mine on Saturday and hope they fare better than last year's crop which was wiped out by a freak hailstone tornado whilst I was away for just 3 days and 2 nights.  Couldn't trust OH to water them properly so put them all out in the veggie plot with the toms and squash and loads of other babies because the forecast was for warm weather and some showers.   Shan't be doing that this year!

Sparrow, definitely last years crop were 1 mild and 9 hot, which made it even more fun in the bars.
Gazza, that plate looks great, and yes their flavour is fantastic.
Obbelix, wish you better luck with weather, (and OH's watering) this year


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