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Blackberry and Apple Gin


I just want to share this recipe for Gin. My god daughter made bottles of it for a wedding last month. It was served with either tonic or simply as a shot ( had a few of them by the end of the evening !)
A very simple recipe but delicious.So I have just started my own and another version replacing the blackberries with raspberries

Looks and sounds a lovely recipe. Does the flavour of apples come through?

Yes, definitely a hint, takes the sharpness off the blackberries.Her recipes say any apples will do but I think the sweeter they are, would definitely be better. Going to have and see how they work with the raspberries.

That blog contains some other drink recipes such as limoncello  and a xmas liquer. Going to try them all !!!

The process looks far long to be made, but seems delicious :)


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