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Shall I cut or not


I have grown pumpkins for the last couple of years for my grandson. In the past I have got the timing right for Halloween or I have had to ripen them in the greenhouse. This year I have 6 fruits the 2 largest ones for him ( 4 years old ) and his girlfriend Pearl are almost ripe the questin is they are too early  for the intended date. Shall I cut them and store them in the house or shed or greenhouse or will they keep better on the plant.

You can certainly keep them on the plant.  Their rinds should be hard enough that slugs leave them untouched.  If you do decide to cut them and have more on the plant, could he have number 2 or 4 or whichever is looking nicest for Halloween?  I would store somewhere dry and light. 

Seems you have the happy option of cutting some fruit and leaving some of the others and choosing nearer the time.

Best place for them is on the plant, if it's going to be very wet then maybe get them off the mud and on some straw or flat wood.


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