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Here are the photos if it helps.

Looks more like a pumgette or a marrokin ;)

Maybe it will be marrow shaped with orange skin :tongue3:   It'll be interesting to see how it ripens.  Please post final pics.

That's probably a cross. F1 hybrids are no great problem, since both parents are still pumpkins; this looks like a cross with a non-pumpkin. With F1's, you just pick the best one and save seed from it. After a few generations, you have your own variety, which will be very similar to the original. Seed companies want you to think you 'can't' save the seed so they can sell you more next year.

I used to grow some colorful ornamental gourds and huge bushel gourds in our yard but don't anymore because of fear they'll cross with our winter squash crop which I count on heavily for us and to give away.
Despite that, one plant has crossed with something resulting in huge and probably tasteless curved baseballbat-sized fruits, maybe 30-pound size. Think I'll drop one off at each neighbors' front door in the dead of night :glasses9:


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